String Quartet for Weddings, Liturgy & Events

Artistic. Inspired. Memorable. The Birchwood String Quartet of Minneapolis/St. Paul creates exceptional music customized to the personality of your wedding, liturgy or special event – live music reflecting the energy of the moment. The award-winning Birchwood String Quartet has the most diverse musical arrangements for violin, violin, viola & cello… Bach to Adele, Mozart to the Beatles, Pachelbel to Taylor Swift. Leave a lasting impression on your wedding, liturgical or other event guests – let the Birchwood String Quartet play the music most meaningful to you.

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Contemporary & Classical Quartet Requests

Contemporary Requests

Performing the most innovative string renditions of classical and popular music, the BSQ works composers and arrangers to create the music that brings your event to life. If you want it, we make it happen!

Custom Arrangements

Custom Arrangements

The BSQ provides highly customized play lists, reflecting the personality and essence of your event, whether for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, annual celebration or private concert.