Your Wedding

Your wedding guests arrive, the scent of fresh flowers fill the air and details have been meticulously worked out in advance so that it all flows from this point forward. Your wedding is here and now. It will unfold as a uniquely personal statement to mark this day, this hour, this moment.

You’ll want wedding ceremony music that is yours. Wedding music that is happening now, for you and reflects what you’re feeling in the moment.

This is why live wedding ceremony musicians an atmosphere that can’t be matched by recorded music. Recorded music is everywhere all the time… your iPod, elevators, department stores, the car… The repetition of any given song is exactly the same as the last time it was played regardless of where or when that was.

Live wedding ceremony music from the Birchwood String Quartet truly reflects the emotional heights and depths of your ceremony – leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.

With the most varied repertoire of any wedding ceremony musicians in Minnesota, the Birchwood String Quartet plays everything from Bach, Handel and Mozart to the Beatles, REM and The Cure.

Your wedding is not going to be a cookie cutter event. Let the Birchwood String Quartet play the wedding ceremony music that is most meaningful to you.