Wedding Checklist

  1. How does the Quartet fit into a wedding ceremony?
    Generally the quartet plays 20-30 minutes of prelude music before the ceremony while guests are being seated. The prelude music is followed by the ceremony music which can include 1-2 processional pieces, optional interlude pieces and the recessional. Postlude music is played as your guests leave.
  2. Will the Quartet be at the wedding rehearsal?
    We do not normally attend wedding rehearsals as most of the details which directly affect the Quartet's performance during the service will have been worked out before the rehearsal date.
  3. Where should the quartet be positioned at the ceremony and reception?
    When performing a wedding ceremony, the quartet needs to be located where they can see the processional or the person giving cues for the processional. They will also need to be able to hear the officiant. At your reception the best location is in an area close to you and your guests, but out of the flow of traffic. In both cases the performance area needs to be at least 10 feet by 10 feet and well lit.
  4. Will the Quartet be able to work with our minister/organist/vocalist/etc.?
    Yes. If there are specific things that need to be coordinated, please provide the name and contact information in the comments box and we will work out details with them directly.
  5. Can we help choose the repertoire for our ceremony and reception? Will the Quartet play a particular song we want to request?
    Yes to both questions. You can start by reviewing our Repertoire List. Contact Us directly if you don't see what you are looking for. Likewise, if there is a piece you definitely do not want to hear, please let us know that too.
  6. Will the Quartet be able to play music associated with my religious denomination at my wedding ceremony?
    Yes. If the music you want is not in our repertoire, we will need copies of the music from a hymnal or other source prior to the ceremony.
  7. Why does the Quartet recommend a Cantor for congregational singing?
    Most wedding guests do not tend to sing during a wedding if the music is unfamiliar. If you want people to sing as part of your wedding ceremony a cantor can help the congregation feel more comfortable and encouraged to join in the singing. Some denominations actually require a cantor for sung services. Please consult your minister on requirements for your ceremony. If you do have a cantor or vocalist and you would like us to accompany them, please provide us with their contact information so we can coordinate the music.
  8. We have a vocalist/another instrumentalist performing at our wedding. Can the Quartet accompany them?
    We often collaborate with vocalists and other musicians on commonly performed wedding music, such as Ave Maria or Trumpet Voluntary. Contact us directly with details. If you would like an additional performer and need referrals, the Quartet can make recommendations for other respected instrumentalists (such as trumpet, flute, guitar) or vocalists. Contact us for more information.
  9. What if a key participant is late to the ceremony?
    We will continue playing prelude music until all celebrants arrive as our schedule permits.
  10. What happens if an unforeseen event occurs during the ceremony?
    Over the years we have seen and accommodated many unexpected events. Whether it is a flower girl who doesn't quite make it down the aisle during the processional or a minister who makes a mistake in the flow of the ceremony, we are able to provide a smooth transition from the unanticipated.